RE.TE. is a Non Governmental Organization, born in the early 80s and dedicated to international cooperation initiatives. It promotes the growth and the joint work with South of the world organizations, aiming to realize social, economic and political alternatives and overcome injustices.

What do we do

RE.TE. works for the protection of people’s rights, through fair, supportive and environmentalist alternatives. We use to cooperate together with other organizations engaged in the same goals and take action on global political issues, by the realization of concrete initiatives.

What you can do

Involve yourself directly in the work of RE.TE!
Our projects are only partly funded. This means that raising funds from people and institutions who believe in our interventions is necessary.



Your presence is precious to us: RE.TE leans on the work of volunteers. If you like to cooperate actively with us, you can act as a volunteer in Italy and abroad, helping us in various areas or sectors and increase your skills.


Let’s stop to think that it is impossible to change the injustices of the world: a small contribution can make a big difference

Areas of intervention


human rights

Promotion of human rights


agriculture environment

Food sovereignty and environmental sustainability


training jobs

Social economy, training and access to employment


education and information

Education and information

RE.TE. ong via Norberto Rosa 13/a 10154 Torino Tel: +39 011 7707388 Fax: +39 1782725520